Mala Junta Berlin

Yin Yoga

sonntags, 20:00 - 21:30 

vom 7. Mai - 25. Juni 2023

mit Adeline Ireland

Finding ashtanga yoga in India in 2014 was like finding my true home. Born in a fast german city, growing up hard science based and atheistic, noone around me could seee beyond the material world. Alreday as little girl I knew there is more to live, I could smell the magic. Yoga gave me the ground: in 2016 I moved to India for several years to deeply study yoga, the actual practical philosophy, and the local culture - right at the source!

Yoga became an ongoing, life changing experience, lead to a daily practice and several yoga teacher trainings for ashtanga yin and vinyasa flow.

Being a teacher at heart, bringing many different experiences from other disciplines like working as a dance therapist or as a tango teacher, I create a unique yoga experience for my students, focusing on the liberation of the body and the inner world.


Adeline spricht Deutsch oder Englisch, so wie es für die Gruppe besser ist.
Yogamatten, -Blöcke und Decken sind vorhanden, wer lieber eine eigene Matte etc. mitbringt - gerne!

Preis pro Einheit 20 Euro, ermäßigt 15 Euro
Halbjahreskartentänzer*innen zahlen den ermäßigten Preis

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